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Bergen Migration Week 24-28 October


The world is in a migrant crisis. Millions of people are displaced. People are fleeing war, poverty and oppression in the largest movement of peoples since WWII.

The policing of the EUs outer boundary has broken down. Treaties regulating movement, work and asylum have crumbled.  In response, Europe erects new fences and introduces stricter immigration policies. What is at stake and how can it be solved?

Academics, journalist and filmmakers will meet and discuss migration challenges in panels and roundtables in the Migration week in Bergen 24-28 October.

All events are free, open to the public and represent some of the most exiting scholarship on migration aimed at the general audience.

The event is co-hosted by the International Migration and Ethnic Relations Researh Unit Bergen (IMER), Centre for Women’s and Gender Research (SKOK) and the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI).

Flukt: Film, fakta og fiksjon

When: Monday 24 October
Time: 19.30-21.00
Place: Litteraturhuet, Auditoriet

Deltagere: Lars Petter Gallefoss (Pandora Film), Christina Pletten (Aftenposten), Frøy Gudbrandsen (BT, debattleder).

Seige systemer og ville ideer: Nytenkning på flyktninge- og integreringsfeltet

When: Tuesday 25 October
Time: 19.30-21.00
Place: Litteraturhuet, Olav H. Hauge

DeltagereThomas Hylland-Eriksen (UiO), OPEN Transformation, Susanne Bygnes (IMER, debattleder)


When: Wednesday 26 October
Time: 13.00-15.00
Place: Bergen Resource Centre for International Development

Presenters: Luigi Achilli (European University Institute), Daniela Debono (Malmö University), Sine Plambech (DIIS)


Thursday 27 October
Time: 10.00-12.00
Place: Bergen Resource Centre for International Development

Presenters: Nando Sigona (University of Birmingham), Kamel Dorai (Institut français du Proche-Orient), Evthymios Papataxiarchis (University of the Aegean)


Friday 28 October
Time: 10.00-12.00
Place: Bergen Resource Centre for International Development

Presenters: Michel Agier (EHESS), Ilse van Liempt (Utrecht University), Dallal Stevens (University of Warwick)

A more detailed programme will come soon.

Welcome to the 18th Nordic Migration Conference in Oslo

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The 18th Nordic Migration Conference in Oslo


August 11-12 2016

The Norwegian Network for Migration Research in cooperation University of Oslo and the Nordic Migration Research welcome you to The 18th Nordic Migration Conference. This interdisciplinary and international conference takes place every two years, and will this time take place in Oslo.

Keynote Speakers

  • Professor Min Zhou, Nanyang Technological University
  • Associate professor Ruben Andersson, Oxford’s department of international development and International migration institute

Global inequalities between countries and regions in terms of income, security, rights, and living conditions are today driving increasing numbers of people into crossing international borders in search of personal safety, economic opportunities and better future prospects. At the same time, social inequality is sharply on the rise within societies across the globe, as traditional structures of work and welfare are rearranged and/or dismantled. In an increasingly globalized world, boundaries of class, nationality, ethnicity, gender and legal statuses are intersecting in new ways, giving rise to changing and new dimensions of inequality within and between both migrant sending and migrant receiving societies.

In this conference we wish to explore the diverse links between international migration and social inequality, in a Nordic, European and global context. We invite scholars from across disciplinary boundaries to engage in a discussion of how these changes can be conceptualized and studied, from a variety of methodological and theoretical perspectives. Contributions are welcomed that reflect on how economic, political, cultural and social factors in origin and destination countries affect migration and shape diverse societies. We welcome papers which discuss how issues such as global inequalities, states policies, legal frameworks, media discourses and cultural boundaries shape the dynamics of migration and migrants’ everyday experiences.

See conference program and conference webpages for more information.

If you have questions concerning one of the workshops, you can find contact information to the facilitators on the workshop websites.

For questions, please contact:




Oversikt over migrasjonsforskere i Norge

Norsk Nettverk for Migrasjonsforskning er i gang med å etablere en oversikt over forskere som arbeider med tema knytta til migrasjon. Vi vil utarbeide en oversikt som er et nyttig verktøy for å gi media, organisasjoner og andre forskere en mulighet til å effektivt leite opp hvem som jobber med hva og hvor.

For at dette skal bli et best mulig tilbud er vi avhengig av at dere som forskere legger inn deres data i oversikten, slik at vi kan legge den ut og gjøre den tilgengelig. Vi sender ut en del mail med forespørsler, men dersom du ikke har fått mail setter vi stor pris på at du legger inn dine opplysninger her.

Opplysningene som er sendt inn så langt kan finnes her: Oversikt over norske migrasjonsforskere

Vi mottar mer enn gjerne også tips om relevante publikasjoner, undervisningstiltak, seminar eller konferanser til vår administrator